DIY Cinder-Block Planter

photo 2 (1)


In the past, I have had issues with, I assume children or drunk young adults, upsetting any planter that I put out in front of the shop.  I used some tires a few years ago, and found them rolled down the block with the soil trailed behind it.  Pinteresting around, I thought a cinder block garden would be perfect.  But where does one get cinder-blocks if not at a construction site?  Then one Friday night, a Pile of them showed up across the street!   Fall off a truck maybe?  Don’t know, but a few days later, I made this!


First I cut up canvas drop clothe to cover the bottoms, just in case they did get knocked over, or I wanted to move them.  Attached them with good ole Liquid Nails.  Every girls best friend.


I arranged the blocks how I would like them, and then Liquid Nailed the double stacked cinder-blocks together.  Dry time is about 20 minutes.


Then filled each hole with potting soil.  18 cinder-blocks held about 3 bags of “1 cubic feet.”


Transplanted what I could from the main garden, some plants that would last year round.

photo 1 (2)

And added some perennials for some color.  I suggest plants with smaller root systems, but the double cinder-block planter actually holds a bit of soil.

I left them plain, but you could also paint the blocks with cement paint!


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