Our Collection from Local Authors.


Maggie Craig’s first novel. Opened “Papercut Press” to publish it herself. ” Follow Sim as she discovers the Bikeway Narrows, an abandoned industrial neighborhood populated by questers and magic-weavers, bikers and coffee shop denizens who are looking to escape the oppressive city of Terresin. In this magical world plagued by inequality, greed and environmental woes, Sim must hold her own with her fearless and often dominating new friends while coming to terms with her sexuality and accepting her latent magical abilities. The Narrows is an engrossing work of fiction that combines fantasy, philosophy and spirituality in an exploration of what it means to be yourself.”

mc First Art collection published by “Papercut Press.” thepcpress.com to submit submissions@thepcpress.com MC3

Erotica. First collection published by “Papercut Press.” thepcpress.com to submit submissions@thepcpress.com

-001 from mastermind Andria Alefhi, a independent small press literary journal. WNHP Greatest Hits, a collection of the best of Volumes 1-8 from 2008-2011.   NK Debut novel, limited edition, because every book is completely hand bound and each cover individually painted! “On the night he decides to jump off his Upper West Side rooftop, a prep school teen encounters a lost girl dancing on the ledge. They split cigarettes, spill secrets, and hatch an unexpected plan: to play out a romantic relationship over the course of one night, and discover whether magic can truly exist. As the game propels them through scattered haunts of the city, the line that separates fantasy from reality blurs, leading each to reconsider what is real, what is illusion, and whether the dawn will bring with it a new beginning or a violent end.”   ConHud From local legend, Cat Agonis. Hilarious. “CHICKEN ON THE HUDSON IS A “HISTORICAL FICTION JOURNAL STYLE ARTBOOK MESS” THAT MAY OR MAY NOT BE THE FINEST PIECE OF LITERATURE EVER WRITTEN ABOUT NEW YORK.”


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