Inspiration for New Patterns

 If I’m in a funk, I like to go to history museums for inspiration.  Here are some ideas, in different stages.  Hopefully I will get them all finalized and ready for new fall patterns.

Just found this image I took last year of Thai brass cooking bowls at the Chicago Field Museum.  My old favorite place to go for inspiration.

Japanese charcoal drawing, from the Metropolitan Museum of Art.  Love the trail of boats.

Greek Horse Head, The Met.  I have been working on a horse pattern for a few years!  I just haven’t been happy with what I’ve come up with.  The angle of this sculpture I found might be the key!

My sketch of a piece from a European ceramic.  Not a typical wing image, I like it.  Almost ready to be made into a screen!

Sketch of bronze griffin head from the Greek wing of the Met.

On the ride home from the Met, I found this tree that I have now become obsessed with.  It’s not dead! It’s covered with leaves now.  I think it will make a great pattern.


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