Big Weekend!

Over on  Governors Island……
This weekend’s craft workshop: Toy Making

Saturday from 12-4, learn to make your own toys! Work with toymaker Jane Van Cleef of Hazel Village Toys to create stuffed critters. Start with a simple pre-sewn shape. Add stuffing, then learn simple embroidery stitches to bring your new friend to life!

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Over here in Bushwick….
For Bushwick Open Studios, where all of Bushwick goes art crazy, artwork will be installed by artist Caryn Cast, Miriam Castillo is unveiling her amazing mural she has created for BTJ “To Dissect a Bunny II,” and Friday 7-10pm and Saturday 12-8, artist Jennie West will offering tattoos from her flash art for $25, $35, and $50. Badass Ass Dog adoptions might be here too, just trying to confirm that they will be here on Sunday….

Caryn Cast’s drawings and paintings depict imaginative psychoscapes that reveal fragments of odd, yet sometimes eerily familiar stories. She creates them by juxtaposing a character captured in a train of thought with a fantastic but faintly realistic background. She often paints from dreams, as they represent a quality she desires to capture – a snapshot of the complexity of the human mind.

Born in Mexico City, Miriam Castillo is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in New York. Her hand-drawn illustrations are creative whimsy, fantasy, and exploration: from wooded creatures and frocked damsels to lacey loops in repetition. She is an antiquarian, fascinated by Victorian design and anything antiqued.

J. West (West Ink) is a custom tattoo artist with a background in fine art. West draws inspiration from a diversity of sources to create her unique style of tattooing. West recently partnered with Blue Nile, located at 324 Bleeker Street, NYC, bringing West Ink to the Village where West is available for walk-ins 3-11pm Tues.-Sun. and other times by appointment.  Jennie has create special designs Just for BTJ!

Badass Dog Adoptions (MAYBE, but they’re a good organization anyway, look them up!)
Come by and meet your new best friend! Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue will bring their best dogs looking for forever homes for you to hang out with. Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue is composed of a network of fosters and volunteers that work together to rescue sweet, loving, adoptable dogs from high kill, rural shelters in the southern U.S. states. We find the best dogs that were destined for death – we then vaccinate, spay/neuter, provide preventative flea and heartworm care and transport them to Brooklyn where we can find them loving forever homes.


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