Meet the Designer: Aperture Agog

Kelly, of Aperture Agog has plenty to say and lots to show you at the Better Than Jam Pop-Up Shop on Governors Island.  Stop by soon and see.  While you wait for next weekend when you can hop the ferry to the Island, you can read about Kelly here.


What’s your favorite thing about Governors Island?
Governors Island offers so many fun and unusual experiences like when Figment takes over the island or the polo match weekend. My favorite is the simplest, laying on the grass Nolan Park in between all of the officer’s house and enjoying the green and the clouds. So quiet and wonderful.
What got you started in making your craft?
Amazing creative friends who were always making something that I thought was awesome. They opened my eyes to all the possibilities and my own talent. They would teach me and now I get to teach other people. Passing on the crafting fun is the best.
What’s your favorite part about doing what you do? 
The accidents. So much of my best work or techniques are happy accidents. I feel like I get to spend my time exploring and discovering new ways to be creative.
What inspires you/drives you to create?
The city, God I love this freakin’ place. Even after a decade at least once a week I get a little giddy about being here.
Hood Rich, Hand Embroidered Framed Wall Art
If you could design a piece for anyone, living/dead/fictional, who would it be and what would it look like? 
I’m going to let my feminist colors show a little. I would have loved to be a part of The Dinner Party by Judy Chicago and help embroider one of the runners. It seems a little dated now, but for its time it was a monumental art piece. If you haven’t seen it, go to the Brooklyn Museum right now!
What’s your favorite tool? 
My silkscreening squeegee. There is actually a NewNewNy blog post all about how much i love it.

What do you do when you have a creative block? 
Try a tool or technique I haven’t used in ages or something totally new. After years of doing mostly digital and normal film work I was in a funk this summer so I switched to using a plastic film camera called a Diana. I just posted pics of my first roll and I’m ecstatic!
Where do you live and work and how does it affect your work?  
I live and love Brooklyn. The streets of the city give me energy and help me keep the humor and wit I need to keep my work fun and keep living here without going crazy.
Set of 2 Hand Screened Mens Handkerchiefs, Blow Me
What’s your favorite part about summer in the city? 
The bike adventures my friends and I take. Whether it is just to a new neighborhood joint or a long bike ride to Jacob Riis beach it makes me very happy to feel the wind and the freedom.
Who’s your favorite Pop up shop artisan and what do you love about their work? 
There is so many amazing artists, there is no easy answer. I love Windows of Agate art wallet with NYC coloring book and crayons. I’ve gotten it for my friends with toddlers and they love how easy it is to keep things organized.
I don’t wear a lot of jewelry but I often covet Jenny Topolski‘s necklaces. Whether it is the etched copper or the resin encased bees her design is modern and edgy but you could still wear it everyday.

What is your best seller? 
The best thing about being about being a photographer with years of street art and graffiti work is I have a piece that speaks to everyone’s heart.  But my best seller shows off a lot of great NYC street artists and something we all know to well. “I Can’t Afford to Heart NY”
5x7 Matted Photograph, Can't Afford NY
Why do you buy handmade? 
The two big reasons are quality and uniqueness. The handmade products I buy are always made well and last a long time. The other is a love having limited edition and one of kind pieces. Often there is a great story behind the product and how the artists created it.
8x10 Matted Photograph, Lady Lightening
What’s your favorite handmade possession? 
The afghan my grandmother crotchet for me when I was tiny. It is worn but still very comfy!
What are your other passions? 
I am a retired skater for Gotham Girls Roller Derby which is also totally DIY. Check out a game here in NYC to witness the fast skating action and high level of athleticism of NYC’s own top roller derby league.


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