Meet the Designer: Rocks and Salt

Allow me to introduce to you one of our NYC designers at the Better Than Jam Pop-up Shop this summer on Governors Island.   Meet Sara and Phil of Rocks and Salt and then make sure to stop by the shop to see and try on their gorgeous creations in person.

Cream Cotton Rip Stop Belt Bag

What’s your favorite thing about Governors Island? 
            There’s a tranquility on the Island that’s hard to find elsewhere in the city.
How did you learn your craft?
            We’ve always been hands on people, having worked in music and food for years before we started making hats, and now skirts. Sara’s mom taught her to sew when she was a wee lassie and everything thing else has been a superfecta of trial, error, common sense, and luck.
What’s your favorite part about doing what you do? 
            Keeping our own hours and traveling a lot; which, incidentally, is also at times our least favorite part of what we do, like when we’re making buttons at midnight on Friday…..
If you could design a piece for anyone, living/dead/fictional, who would it be and what would it look like?
            Our current congress, and it would be  535 dunce caps.
What’s your favorite tool? 
            Our ‘La Pavone’ espresso machine.
What do you do when you have a creative block? 
            Make an inspiring espresso.
Nantucket Red and White Plaid Cotton Sunhat - L
Where do you live and work and how does it affect your work?
            Bushwick, Brooklyn – teeming with creative energy.
What’s your favorite part about summer in the city?
            Camping at the beach in Maine.
Brown and Cream Plaid Cotton Fedora Hat - L
Who’s your favorite Pop up shop artisan and what do you love about their work?
            Totally loaded question. Lately I’ve been admiring Kerri Brewer’s artwork. It’s quite stirring, I (Sara) like this one.
What is the next big thing for Rocks and Salt? 
            It’s top secret.
What’s your favorite piece that you make? 
            Whatever I’m seeing someone try on in front of me at the moment that looks great on them – that is rewarding.
What is your best seller? 
            Janis, our newsboy hat.
Green Silk Newsboy Hat - Janis - S
Why do you shop handmade?
            With handmade, whether made locally or globally, you are doing your little bit to chip away at the monster of inequity and unsustainable creation of false demand and supply that has become the norm in our world’s manufacturing practices. A glimpse at the suicide rate and allegations of employee abuse at the Foxconn plant which manufactures Apple products is a good example.
Here’s 101 reasons to buy handmade:
What’s your favorite handmade possession? 
            A gorgeous and unique felted wool scarf from Grey Bird Textiles on the Isle of Skye. That’s Scotland, where the sheep roam free and happy.
What are your other passions? 
            samba, bikes, beaches, and let’s not forget soccer!

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