Happy Fourth of July!!

Come enjoy your extended weekend in the most relaxing location in NYC.  For the holiday, the island is open on Monday as well, so come take advantage of this local getaway.  Bring a picnic lunch and lounge the day away.  Don’t even think about getting on the roads to get out of the city, it’s a mess out there! Just hop on one of the many ferries and get your butt out here!!!

Elsewhere on the island….


Rite of Summer Classical Music Festival, 1 PM and 3 PM
The first ever classical/contemporary music festival to be held on Governors Island kicks off its inaugural season with a series of outdoor concerts. Curated by Artistic Directors/NYC-based pianists Blair McMillen and Pam Goldberg, Rite of Spring launches with a performance of Terry Riley’s “In C” led by keyboardist/conductor/musical impresario Jed Distler, featuring nearly 40 of New York’s top freelance musicians, including members of the American Modern Ensemble, Newspeak, the Momenta Quartet, The Asphalt Orchestra and others.  For more information visit www.riteofsummer.com.


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