December’s Artist at the Co-Op

You have to come and check out the artwork of Bushwick artist Georgina Queruel.  Trash is her medium.  She creates these one of a kind, beautiful works, by collage that you are throwing away.  Even the frames are found in the garbage.  You have to see them in person, because there is so much going on in every piece….and my camera stinks…

Come to our Chrismahanukwanzakah Sunday Brunch from 2-5 this Sunday, and drinks can be involved……..

“Primary angles- 2006” (left)————————-$500

Mixed media, 12”x18”
“Access Powers”  (right)———————————–$200

Mixed media, 11”x16”

“Summer in the country circa 1973”————$400

Mixed media, 16”x18”

“Health is a Luxury”  ————————–$300

Mixed media, 11”x16”

” Spiral Staircase ” ——————————$400

Mixed media, 24”x36”

 “Mod Dash” ————————————-$500

Mixed media, 18”x24”

“Sparkle Neely Sparkle” ————————$150

Mixed media, 9”x12” (duel sided)

“Iceburg lettuce” ——————————- $200

Mixed media, 20”x22”

“Canadian stew”———————————$150

Mixed media, 8”x 11” (duel sided)

“Drag queen on holiday circa 1966”——not for sale

Mixed media, 18”x24”

“Black” —————————————–$300

Mixed media, 9”x12”

“White” —————————————–$300

Mixed media, 9”x12”


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