Natty Paint Joins the Co-Op

Natty Paint was founded in May 2009 in Baltimore, MD and is currently based out of Brooklyn, NY. An amalgam of Brooklyn and Baltimore’s burgeoning visual arts and music scenes, Natty Paint combines these art forms and transforms them into a fashion statement. Bright colors, geometric forms, and the interaction between patterns and images all comprise the Natty Paint aesthetic.

The label has quickly gained a cult following in Baltimore and has continued onto Brooklyn.  Natty Paint has been worn by famed musicians Animal Collective, Dan Deacon, Delorean, Crystal Castles, La Roux, The Rapture, Rye Rye, M.I.A., and Beach House during their performances as well as actresses Lucy Liu and Brie Larson.

Natty Paint is comprised of three lines: silkscreened American Apparel shirts, higher priced, fashion-forward silkscreened and reworked vintage apparel, and an in-house designed silkscreened line. All clothing is eco-friendly and sustainably designed using water-based paint, saved vintage, and sweatshop free materials.

Natty Paint also offers customized designs and prints.






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