Sales, Nails, Hair, Free Booze, Art, Craft, and MUSIC!

American Garbage: Trash Talk 7-8pm

BETA Spaces Group Show ‘American Garbage: An examination of America’s sordid relationship with refuse,
hosted by the House of Choclet & has been extended through January 3rd, 2010.

To celebrate this American Garbage Artists will present: “Trash Talk” an audio exploration of the show’s themes Staring At 7pm

Join the artists & friends of the American Garbage BETA Space Group show for an evening presentation of music, poetry & spoken word.

American Garbage features original works by:
Paul Brainard, Walt Cessna, Jillian Corbett, Debbie Davies, Charlotte Ghiorse, Scooter LaForge, Jim McDonnell & Christopher Stribley.

DJ Digiwiz 8-9pm

McBitterson’s Make a Monster Workshop 7-10pm

Jenny of McBitterson’s Plush Toys will be showing attendees how to make a Mini-Monster!
Create your own custom plush creature.  She’ll supply the felt, filling and thread, you just have show up and find her at the Loom’s First Friday event December 3rd 7-10pm.  You can see for yourself, all the effort it takes to make her awesome novelty plush wonders.

Photon Dynamo and The Shiny Pieces 9-10pm

“Usually if a band claims to have a jazz background or to be influenced by jazz, it means they own a John Coltrane record. It doesn’t really inspire confidence. But Photon Dynamo frontman Frank Rathbone has instead applied the unconventional chord progressions of his jazz training to the crunch and clang of garage rock. It’s a very post-punk attitude, using musical aptitude in genre that doesn’t require it. But what could be more rock ‘n’ roll than the absence of defined structure? Plus, those “buh ba bas” are dead catchy.”

Georgina Querel at Better Than Jam


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