Creations by Andy’s House of Designs… why don’t you own one?

It’s great, Andy gets to stop by a lot. She lives in the building, which makes it very easy for me to get new stuff all the time!

I had a couple of questions for her, and below is what she had to say about her background and process……

“I grew up in Seattle, WA so have a deep fondness for micro-brews and espresso, (goes without saying) and of course the rain…:) I went to school for graphic design but worked for my family business painting backdrops and building props for commercial and portrait photographers and some film studios since I was twelve. I will forever be fighting the clutter of the supplies and tool kits from the wide variety of jobs I’ve had over the years, from painting and wood finishing for a museum exhibit company to custom framing, graphic design and when I moved to NY jewelry design. I worked for a local Brooklyn designer Seeka before branching out on my own and began selling at shows, markets and local stores. I’m in love with the industrial emptiness of Bushwick, it has inspired me to become more adventuresome and try and break through what I find to be conventionally beautiful.

Now, for me, the more textured, beat up and eclectic a piece is, in whatever medium, the more I like it because it has character and isn’t existing to try and impress but to blend into it’s natural environment. It’s what I imagine the function of art should be, its presence should be more important than its proposed intention or another way to think of it, creative humbleness. The next phase for my own line is to create some altruistic pieces so I can give a portion to charity, currently I’ve been donating proceeds to the Gulf Coast Relief Fund through The National Audubon Society and The Coalition to Restore Coastal Louisiana I believe the artists in Bushwick are another wave of creativity spreading through Brooklyn and I think that we’re just at the beginning of seeing what will emerge from this mix of venturesome minds… Yay! Brooklyn!”

Golden Shark Tooth, Unisex
She also makes then in Sterling Silver and Patina.
The gold one is probably going to find a home on my neck, so act fast!
More teeth, grrr
She loves Gears and Sprockets.
Andy has a great way of making hard industrial items feel romantic and elegant.
Chershire Cat
Painted Lock and Skelton Key
She also brought in some of her paintings, which are hung in the hallway. They are beautiful and Very affordable, priced at $40 and $90.

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