More Fun with Little Sis Ashley

Showing off some more shots from our fun photoshoot day at the shop this past weekend. She leaves for Argentina today…..jealous…..she’s following the snow.

She ended up getting this dress for a wedding she’s heading off to in Argentina.
It’s by Melissa Bell, and only $30!! How did you miss that deal!? You weren’t looking close enough….. Melissa always sneaks in and slashes her prices.

She would Love to have this Lingua Nigra Gold Disk Bib $230, featured in this weeks TimeOut Magazine, page 32……
but it’s a little out her price range…. 22k gold is expensive…. maybe when she’s a famous snowboarder.
“Argh it doesn’t fit!” This Soft Movement dress is available as a custom piece, the strap that clasps on the side doesn’t fit Anyone, don’t worry. $150

Another Soft Movement piece available for custom order. $150

So cute!
One of my favorite WabiSabi Brooklyn Necklaces.
It a decopagued disk with a photographer and deer, on a pretty braided chain. $68

Pretty Knitknit Magnolia Headband $28

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