Friday Night, June 4th 7-10pm

There is so much going on in our neighborhood this weekend.
Start it off at the Loom!
Deep discounts will be offered by select designers,
so anyone eying a particular piece would be well-advised to arrive early.
For details on the designers discounts visit the 1st Friday page of our website.

June’s guest artist, Jaime Powell, is installing some
really fun pieces, I’m so excited to see them!
My friends, The Friendly Falcons and Their The Snake,
will be performing their project, “In the Belly of the Bear,”
which is a story-telling project in which they perform a shadow
puppet theater and musical accompaniment simultaneously

The Shops at the Loom are becoming a fixture of Bushwick and we plan on
hosting this monthly event, where one can expect great deals, complimentary
refreshments, special performances, and artworks from local talents.
All the shops will have something in store for attendees.
And a few new businesses have moved, so come and see the changes.
For full info visit the Loom site.

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