Meet Catherine of "Himane"

where were you born and raised? Port-au-Prince, Haiti

how did you come to be in nyc? Long story

when did you start making things? Have been making clothes since I was 13 years old

did you go to school/ were you trained? Self taught first, school later after 8 years. I studied in Haiti and took some additional classes at FIT to complement my studies.

when did you begin to sell what you were making? 2004/2005, and back to it again

what is your ultimate goal with this line/ your work? To take it to the top.

how do you see yourself expanding/ how do you want to grow? Trunk shows, events, getting my designs in more stores. Reaching out to the international market.

describe your work space? Crazy. 5 sewing machines, cutting table, boxes, scraps of materials all over.

where do you find/ get inspiration? Most of my inspiration will come from watching old movies, pictures of my grand parents and doing research about vintage designs

when you hit a wall, what do you do to get out of your funk? I will go for a walk, look at what nature have to offer and right there and there I will be ok.

what are your thoughts on the co-op? This is one of the best thing that can happen to local designers in Brooklyn, it is a great place and Karin the owner is an awesome person, the place makes you feel at home and very warmly. I love it.

what do see of the future of bushwick? It will be huge. A lot of great things will happen in the next year or so.

what do you plan on doing at the co-op? Selling my clothes for sure, doing workshop,Trunk shows and more in the future.

Himane will be participating in our 1st “First Friday” event April 2nd 7-10pm

Currently the entire collection here at the Co-Op is 30% off. What?! Yup.


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