Meet Phil and Sarah of "Rocks & Salt"

Where were you born and raised? Phil: born NYC, raised Colorado and Kansas City Sara: born and raised Massachusetts

How did you come to be in nyc? Phil: musical aspirations Sara: needed to get away from island of 400 in WA

When did you start making things? In the womb

Did you go to school/ were you trained? Phil: degree in jazz composition from Berklee College of Music Sara: on the hard streets and back roads of America

When did you begin to sell what you were making? 5 years ago

What is your ultimate goal with this line/ your work? To retire to the beach in Brasil and start a screen printing shop in the one or more favelas to bring economic opportunity to the people

How do you see yourself expanding/ how do you want to grow? Our accessory line has begun to grow naturally into apparel a bit. It seems likely this will continue.

Describe your process? Our process begins with ideas and inspiration that get refined into patterns and samples, adjusted, graded, and then cut and sewn.

Describe your work space? Filled with tea and coffee. National Public Radio, and lot’s o’ music. Cutting tables, and sewing machines.

Where do you find/ get inspiration? People and street art of NYC, margaritas and red wine, Brazilian literature and European soccer.

When you hit a wall, what do you do to get out of your funk? Eat cheese and crackers

What are your thoughts on the co-op? We love what you’ve created

What do see of the future of bushwick? Duane Reade on every corner

What do you plan on doing at the co-op? The co-op looks like a great spot for us to debut new seasonal designs and offer deals on transitional pieces. As we’re also in Bushwick the co-op feels like our home base.

Phil and Sarah will be showing off there spring creations at the Rocks & Salt, KimmChi, and WabiSabi Brooklyn Trunk Show March 26th 7-10pm.

Stop in NOW for 20% off their fall/winter line

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