Meet Maryanne of "WabiSabi Brooklyn"

I recently asked the designers of the Co-Op some questions, to better understand them and their process. I think to buy locally handmade goods is such a great experience, and knowing exactly where and how your pieces were created definitely adds to that experience. Part 1 of an on going project, introducing….


Where were you born and raised? Brooklyn

How did you come to be in nyc? see above

When did you start making things? shortly after discovering I had opposable thumbs

Did you go to school/ were you trained? yea, but in languages and education, not jewelry-making

When did you begin to sell what you were making? at the fabulous Brooklyn Indie Market

What is your ultimate goal with this line/ your work? to disseminate my creations as far and wide as possible.

How do you see yourself expanding/ how do you want to grow? slowly and incrementally, one person at a time.

Describe your process? fun and messy and smelly.

Describe your work space? it is a kitchen.

Where do you find/ get inspiration? from my dreams and from the flotsam and jetsam of waking life.

When you hit a wall, what do you do to get out of your funk? interacting with fun people, repetitive exercise, sunshine.

What are your thoughts on the co-op? so excited!

What do see of the future of bushwick? it will be drawn to the warm glow at the BTJ Co-op and carry some of that happy feeling throughout the neighborhood and beyond.

What do you plan on doing at the co-op? rocking a rad trunk show with some of my fellow Co-op members, and more.

WabiSabi Brooklyn will be holding a trunk show March 26 with fellow designers, Rocks & Salt and KimmChi, 7-10pm


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