La Superette!!!!! Dec 5th & 6th


Saturday, December 5th, 12pm-8pmSunday,
December 6th, 12pm-6pm
At 210 Front Street, corner of Front St. and Beekman St. in Manhattan, in the South Street Seaport.
Special performance kick-off night (no shopping) on Friday December 4 th, 9pm-midnight
La Superette 2009 will transform a space at 210 Front Street for three days, creating a temporary store that will present a huge selection of artist-made multiples from around the country. Now in it’s 11th year,La Superette is one of the few crafty events with a non-commercial goal: to support and distribute the works ofindependent artists and designers. The variety of items include hacked clothes, assemblage accessories,housewares, artists books and CDs. Emerging once a year, just in time for holiday shopping, La Superette offersthe most unique and affordable shopping experience for hundreds of shoppers year after year. This year, morethan ever, is a time to celebrate the craftiest and be a part of an event that represents the true spirit of New YorkCity. La Superette 2009 includes live performances by Arpège (Nick Hallett and Ray Sweeten), Anwar Pruitt,Maria Chavez, Carrie Dashow, Pixel Form, Todd Bailey, NAUM f/ Antoine Catala, David Linton, and DavidGalbraith. La Superette 2009 will also feature Rainbow Cloud City (an art installation created by thecollaboration HappyFun, Erik Z., and Rachel Nelson), Edible Winter Snowballs, Coal, Icicles, Pine Cones, andWarm Drinks by Rachael Morrison, and a free ScrapCycle gift-wrapping station by Analogous Projects.
This year’s participating artists include: Ann LePore, Amanda Mayoff, Ben Fino-Radin, Carrie Dashow, SecretSchool and the K.I.D.S., Cindy Yoon, Daphne Bernard, A Rarer Borealis, Daina Platais Ortiz, unxyloid, HadasHinkis, deChow, Jennifer Sullivan, kaboom!press, Kimm Alfonso, Katherine Tali Hinkis, Chiu, RingMan,Canine Orthodontia, Lilah Freedland, LoVid, Loren Siems, Melissa Barrett, Michelle Rosenberg, MollyDilworth, Madeleine Fix, Miss Chief, Neg-Fi, Mustache Sisters, Nathaniel Kassel, Peter Jacobson, RaquelHecker, Steven Anglin, Samantha Merritt, sallykismet, Sanjay, Susie Reiss, teamtichenor, heartfast

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