New Studio Space

Finally! I have some room to breathe, and one huge print table!
This past Monday, I moved down the hall to larger studio space
at 592 Johnson Ave in Bushwick.
That day and night, I built myself a bigger and better print table.
The once 2 yd table is now 5 yds long!

I have lots of room for all my crap and more.
I’m even going to build a second smaller print table.
I may start to paint again too?

But, more importantly,
this also means that I am ready to take on students
for my studio class. I have all the supplies ready and waiting.

One response

  1. Very cool!i was in the states in May and bought one of your creepy bug print dresses at the brooklyn treehouse! LOVE IT! i am also very happy that i found your blog! very nice! i'll post some pics of me in your dress on my blog, can i link to you? julia from germany!

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