Roof Top Garden Inspiration

Today I was working on a zine page for Stella of Look Closely Press. It’s a small page on how to make a watering system out of a soda bottle. I started my roof top garden this weekend and all the memories of last summer’s hardships can flooding back. It gets really hot up there on the black top. My tomato plants Always needed a great amount of water. With no hose, I had to carry a huge construction site bucket up two flights almost every other day. By the end of the summer I made the trip less and less and my poor plants completely dried out. I thought this year I would try out this simple system. I’ll let you know how it works.

While searching for images, I came across these really cool things.
First is an LED light up pot! If you decide to have a rave in your garden, it would fit right in.

Second is this beautiful flower pot ring.
It was made by Allison Wells of Paper Snake.
You can take your garden with you, if you keep hand in a horizontal position.

I am obviously procrastinating getting over to the studio on this rainy day, but I thought someone else might enjoy these items too.

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